Ardmore Chiropractor Explains When Headaches are No Longer Normal

Ardmore Chiropractor Explains When Headaches are No Longer Normal

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Chronic daily headaches are defined as having a headache at least 15 days per month for 3 continuous months. Most folks who suffer from chronic daily headaches (CDH) use these common approaches, use of medication(for pain, depression, anxiety), modifying lifestyle activities (sleep, caffeine use, diet, exercise) and bio feed back(for anxiety and depression). This has helped many people who suffer from daily headaches and many folks are searching for another approach that will improve or enhance what they are doing to work better.

There are many causes of chronic daily headaches in Ardmore, many people have been to their family doctor, then the specialist (usually the neurologist) which more than likely had you go through a battery of tests. Tests that are usually done are the MRI and CAT scan, although more useful information is usually found on the MRI. Many times these results come back unremarkable, now this doesn't mean that nothing is wrong, it just means with the current technology the specialist can not see anything as of yet. This does not mean you are crazy or making the headaches up, far from that concept, let me explain.

AHS or Anterior Head Syndrome is a primary structural condition that involves the head, neck and sometimes jaw. AHS is categorized by having your skull or head translated anterior or forward from your thorax/chest or shoulders more than 1 inch. In addition the damage or degeneration of vertebrae or spinal bones, damaged or degenerated spinal discs, NIS (Nerve Impingement Syndrome) and chronic muscle stiffness or spasm is typical.

When the head is displaced anteriorly as mentioned above it causes an abnormal amount of stress on the soft tissues (muscles, tendons, and ligaments) of the head and neck. This abnormal amount of stress will lead to a breakdown of the tissues eventually, causing the secondary condition of Headaches. One of the primary things that must be addressed to help alleviate the cycle of regular headaches is to restore the spinal structure back to NORMAL or as close to normal as we can get it.

At Ideal Chiropractic we focus specifically on the restoration of the Structural Alignment of the spine. There is little benefit in simply addressing muscle spasm, improving range of motion and alleviating temporary pain like the conventional chiropractor will do, when a bigger problem exists. AHS can simply be observed in many people around you, but the severity must be assessed during a NeuroStructural Corrective Examination.


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