Ardmore Chiropractor Talks About The New Stress

Ardmore Chiropractor Talks About The New Stress

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We can all agree what you put into your body or allow in can have beneficial as well as negative consequences to your physical as well as mental health. Neurological Degenerative Strain or (NDS) in Ardmore for short, is an abnormal adaptation of input from your life (work, your spouse, kids, family, friends, community, etc).

For example, when you are in a car crash your body responds automatically with a steep increase of adrenaline (think incredible HULK) and cortisol. Along with increased blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate (breathe faster). Of course a surge of glucose (blood sugar) to lessen the immediate shock and give your body energy to respond to the immediate crisis.

This is all good, in fact GREAT that this process happens, because more than likely these cascades of actions most likely will save your life.

Neurological Degenerative Strain is chronic, unrelenting abnormal processing of information from your environment (family, work, kids, friends, taxes,etc.) that hurts your health and mental well-being. It even abnormally influences your DNA (the blue print of YOU).

N.D.S. has the following consequences to your health:

  • Increased adrenaline, and cortisol which leads to a decrease in the ability to learn, memory loss, and depression.
  • Increase release of glucose/blood sugar which leads to Type 2 Diabetes
  • Increased blood pressure, artery constriction, increased heart rate, which leads to Heart Attack and Stroke.
  • Impotence and bacterial vaginosis, due to immune system stress.
  • Chronic muscle tightness/spasm, neck pain, headaches and low back pain.
    Respiratory infections due to immune system stress.

Your nervous system (nerves, spinal cord and brain) are responsible for collecting the information from your environment (job, family, relationships, kids, etc.) and then properly processing that information to give the right response.

If you have no obstructions to your nervous system then all is well, but if you do have an obstruction caused by a NeuroStructural Shift to your nervous system that basically constricts the function to your nervous system then you will have abnormal processing of information which will lead to abnormal responses…

Think garbage in garbage out analogy for your physical and mental health and well-being.In other words, your body’s ability to handle the stress and cut its impact, is dependent on the optimal function of the nervous system.

Here are vital action steps:

  1. Proper nutrition, including B vitamins and Omega-3 are important.
  2. Proper rest.
  3. DETECTION and CORRECTION of any OBSTRUCTIONS that may be CONSTRICTING the body’s nervous system (which DIRECTLY impacts one’s immune system, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and endocrine systems) for your physical and mental well-being.

Why am I talking about this?

Because when patients come in with various secondary conditions, I realize that most of them have multiple degrees of NDS and are suffering. So we detect and then correct any obstructions to their nervous system and recommend these actions steps to enhance their care in our office. It is amazing when we address their obstructions and they follow our action steps the positive changes that result.


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