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children use chiropractic care for adhd treatment

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has a profound effect on the lives of an increasing number of children and their families in Ardmore. This chronic condition begins in childhood and often continues to impact a person throughout their adult years. The constant inability of a person suffering from ADHD to pay attention and control their impulses can be incredibly distressing and disruptive.  Many people have found improvement with ADHD utilizing our treatment approach.

One of the biggest issues with regards to ADD/ADHD is an imbalance of the Neurotransmitters (brain communication chemicals) Dopamine and Serotonin. This will often lead to overactive or underactive portions of the brain that effect behavior. In this article by our Ardmore chiropractor you will find a very detailed description of how we utilize state of the art technology in our clinic to help you or your child.

Common Signs of ADHD IN ARDMORE:

  • An inability to concentrate or stay in one place for long periods of time
  • Acting impulsively with an inability to wait their turn, allow others to speak, or to think before acting out
  • An inability to sit for long periods of time
  • Fidgeting with their hands or feet
  • An inability to remain quiet for long periods of time
  • Preoccupied with other activities and noises instead of the task at hand
  • Tendency to talk more than others around them
  • Regularly losing things and an inability to complete assigned tasks
  • Disorganized


The medical system has traditionally turned to medication to deal with ADHD. The conventional approach of using powerful psychotropic drugs, such as Ritalin and Adderall, works to manage some of the symptoms, but there are often terrible side effects and long term health impacts of using these drugs. Irregular and rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, and increased aggression can all result from the use of these treatments. It is very difficult for parents to decide whether to assume the risks of giving their child these drugs, especially when they are presented as the only option.


In short, Systemic Neural Adaptation is a noninvasive method and system for creating rapid and sustained neurochemical activation. The process of Systemic Neural Adaptation involves the intentional change over time of bodily systems to carefully modulated and applied visual, auditory, and physical stimulus. This systemic change through neural response is achieved through noninvasive non-pharmacologic means enabling the brain and body to work in harmony.

Over the past forty years or more, the pharmaceutical industry, and particularly the science of pharmacology, has been interested in the physiology of the human brain as it relates to neurotransmitters. Research and clinical study have proven that the neurotransmitters Dopamine and Serotonin control many organs and processes that regulate bodily function. In addition, these neurochemicals are critical components in the processes related to human psychological function.

In the brain, Dopamine is released from the Dopaminergic neurons and communicates with the brain to ensure that movements and specific emotions are carried out in a controlled context. Likewise, Serotonin is released from the serotonergic neurons and communicates with the brain to ensure that processes associated to cognition and mood are carried out in a controlled context. With reduced levels of Dopamine and Serotonin, this communication is impaired, and commands from the brain to the body are degraded with unpredictable results. With no Dopamine or Serotonin, this communication ceases and the brain sends messages in an uncontrolled context. This breakdown in communication and loss of the subsequent control function results in a wide array of harmful symptoms. Conditions such as Attention Deficit Hyper Active Disorder (ADHD), anxiety, and depression. Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, and Migraines are also examples of the impact of reduced levels of Dopamine and Serotonin.

However, conventional mechanisms for initiating higher levels of these neurochemicals and then sustaining them, in the majority, are problematic and the introduction of synthetic pharmaceuticals that may have unforeseen side effects. A problem in the pursuit of pharmacologic solutions is the anatomical response of adaptive resistance. Over time the human body’s natural response to external influence is to adapt, and then if the influence is systemically harmful, to resist.

When we introduce external chemicals in the body it will trigger the body to reduce or quit producing its natural form. After a period of time the amount of medication will need to be increased to get the bodily change desired and eventually cause a negative effect because there is too much of the chemical.

Thus, there is an obvious need for a new noninvasive means of increasing systemic levels of Dopamine and Serotonin that encourages the body’s natural production of these neurochemicals and minimizes or eliminates the stated problematic response of adaptive resistance and the harmful side effects that it can bring about.

Through Neurosage we provide an intuitive and effective mechanism insuring the systematic raising of these vital neurochemicals to sustainable levels. In addition to encouraging neural plasticity, Systemic Neural Adaptation also facilitates a state of neurological and postural balance. This is a state in which the central nervous system is adjusted into a state of symmetrical tolerance that is necessary for optimal brain / body function.

Many diseases of the central nervous system that impair motor response and control have been linked to dysfunctions within the Dopamine system. With this understanding, it becomes quite clear that the neurochemical Dopamine plays a vital role in brain-body function.

Inherent within the scope of the Neurosage Platform is the concept of sensory adaptation. Sensory adaptation involves a process of progressive change over time of the body’s sensory systems in response to a constant stimulus.

The implementation of our process at Ideal Chiropractic within the Neurosage Platform leverages these concepts through the modulation of visual and auditory stimulus. Contained within the patented technology of the Neurosage Platform is a self-learning Artificial Neural Network. The modulation of all visual and auditory stimulus is managed by the Neurosage Artificial Intelligence and over time will become increasingly tailored to an individual’s personal needs. The subroutines contained within the AI will combine knowledge learned from previous sessions with real-time diagnostic data to alter (e.g. increase rapidity, displayed direction, pigment / hue, volume, wave length) the targeted stimulus algorithmically in order to maximize the excitation of Dopaminergic and Serotonergic Neurons.

It is somewhat self-evident why an optimized and highly functioning brain would be desirable. An increase in cognitive capabilities and self-improvement as a whole are goals that most of us desire. Unfortunately it is not an intuitive process and often requires the assistance of highly specialized professionals and complex processes and devices that are expensive and cumbersome. The process of Systemic Neural Adaptation as implemented within our Neurosage platform achieves these goals within a controlled and disciplined environment.

Nutritional Science has come a long way in the last decade, and many people are finding that an increase in nutrient rich natural foods, and the removal of common allergens, such as gluten, brings relief to children suffering from ADHD.

Structural Shifts in the spine are another major factor in nervous system health. A professional Chiropractor will perform a thorough evaluation in order to find vertebrae that may be out of place. Structural Shifts are a common issue that cause a disruption in nervous system activity. They can be successfully treated with low force, non-invasive, and carefully applied adjustments. A pediatric chiropractor in Ardmore is skilled in working with children to gently re-position the vertebrae, restoring nervous system health, and tackling ADHD at its source.

If you would like more information about the services offered at Ideal Chiropractic in Ardmore please call our team today. Give your child a chance to reach their full potential.


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